Stefan Prey

Stefan Prey is our expedition manager for Aloha Antarctica 2011/2012. Stationed in Germany, he will be in close contact with the expedition team throughout their journey. He will coordinate and manage all aspects related to the expedition. Stefan was born in 1969 in North Germany. He studied business management and discovered his passion for travelling and exploring early on in life. Over the last few decades he traveled to the USA, Canada, Japan, Iceland, Greenland, the Himalayas, Russia, Patagonia and Australia. He knows from firsthand experience what it means to be on tour and what life in a tent is like. Located in Reutlingen, Stefan will be responsible for managing and controlling business affairs.

Dr. Christoph Roeckelein

Dr. Roeckelein lends his expertise as coach for the mental and emotional preparation of the expedition team. He is a management consultant and business coach who primarily focuses on mindset-oriented personal development. Christoph was chosen by the expedition team because of his proven expertise, innovative and intuitive approach. Dr. Roeckelein has developed his teaching methodology. He is the founder and chief lecturer at the Christoph Roeckelein Institute for Leadership (
The psychological and spiritual preparation for such an expedition is just as important as the physical training and choosing the right equipment. Christoph understands this very well and works with Armin and Dieter on their mindset and mental fortitude. Christoph has worked diligently with the expedition team since January 2011. His guidance and support will continue during the expedition via satellite phone as well as after their return from Antarctica. (website is German only)

Stefanie Dietrich

Stefanie Dietrich is the expeditions food fairy! She has graciously supplied the expedition team with all their meals. Armin has collaborated with Steffi for many years now and refuses to ingest anything that hasn’t been supplied by her. Through Stefanie’s professional consulting and support there haven’t been any cases of malnutrition or problems with the high demand for calories and nutrients on expeditions. Stefanie is general manager of Katadyn Germany and specializes in nutritional needs for expeditions.

Lars Bastian

Born in Marburg, Germany, 49 years young, Lars currently lives and works in Düsseldorf. He is the founder and CEO of ‘Public Vision’, a TV and Multimedia production company. Lars studied in Oslo, Norway and developed a deep love and passion for the Nordic and Arctic regions. He filmed and produced a number of documentaries, ranging from Greenland, to the Russian Barents region. One of his professional highlights was filming and producing a skiing expedition to the North Pole, led by Armin Wirth and Markus Lanz. Lars also filmed the preparations for Aloha 2008 and went with the expedition team all the way to Antarctica to document their journey there and the teams start from the vicinity of the German research station. For Aloha 2011, Lars is very excited to work together once more with Armin and Dieter on yet another polar adventure. After the expedition team brings back their exciting footage from their journey in Antarctica, his work and video magic will begin.

Aimée Bastian and Denise Heidenreich

For general inquiries, to request interviews or for more detailed information about Aloha Antarctica 2011/2012, please contact our PR agency, public vision MEDIEN in Duesseldorf, Germany.

Marc de Keyser and Fritz Buyl

Weather and especially wind are vital components to the success of this expedition. For this reason, two Belgian meteorologists, Marc de Keyser and Fritz Buyl are part of the support team. They will be sending daily forecasts and the latest weather trends via satellite phone to Armin and Dieter. Marc will be located in Antarctica and Fritz Buyl is in Belgium where he has access to the most up-to-date and comprehensive meteorological resources.

Heiko Karner

Heiko is the technical guru and web wizard for Aloha Antarctica Expedition. He designed and administers the website. He is also responsible for making sure the Iceblogs sent by the team via satellite phone make their way onto the Aloha Antarctica website and Facebook pages. This is an incredibly demanding and important job and Heiko is standby 24/7 to make sure all communication is distributed and displayed correctly.

Heiko is 34 years young and lives in the Swabian mountains in southern Germany. He owns a multimedia and marketing company which supports and implements a variety of local and national internet, video and multimedia projects and launches.

He learned his technical wizardry in his fathers marketing agency and is married to his Apple Mac. :-) He studied multimedia and communications in Munich and runs his own successful agency in Ehingen, Germany.