What was the calling?

After a few overnight flights, firstly with the Ilyushin to South Africa, then with Lufthansa to Europe, we are now back in Germany. The flow we were experiencing since our decision continued, as yesterday, only hours after...[mehr]


Day 7 - The Journey Back!

After having made our decision yesterday, we enjoyed a peaceful sleep and feel very calm inside. For us, this is confirmation that it was the right time to make a decision and that we made the right decision.[mehr]


Day 6 - White Out on SANAE IV and difficult decisions

This morning we awoke to hauling winds and the slight shaking of furniture within the station. A storm with wind speeds in excess of 95 km/h and a lot of precipitation lead to a classic antarctic whiteout. No visibility within 3...[mehr]


Day 5

We are currently at SANAE IV station and had some time to consider the bigger picture and all options available to us. [mehr]


Day 4 -s- Pole ;) [sanae pole]

This morning we broke camp early to gain as much time as possible on our trek back to Sanae through the massive Sastrugi canyons.[mehr]


Day 3 - Dead End

Yesterday we thought that we escaped the monster sastrugi field. Today, after 1 hour of relative smooth going, we realized that we just were on a sastrugi free 'island'.[mehr]


Day 2 - Sastrugi Fields

We awoke to some strong winds, rattling the tent just before 6am. As we were getting the 10m2 kites ready, the winds started to die.[mehr]

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