Cargo is on route!

After weeks of choosing, sorting and packing the all the required gear we will need on the expedition, our cargo is finally on route to Cape Town. 2 large sleds and countless boxes; we ask ourselves, “Who will haul all of this…?”[mehr]


Kitetraining on Fuerteventura Part 2

While in the beginning of the week the winds were almost completely absent, we now have perfect conditions to practice our kite handling.[mehr]


Kitetraining on Fuerteventura

We have been on Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, for 3 days. Reminiscent of Aloha 2008, currently the Tradewind which is usually blowing fairly consistently is taking a different route….. However there is no time to mope since...[mehr]


A solid Foundation

Over the last few weeks we have been working diligently and tirelessly to source all of our equipment needs. A few items are still missing here and there. However, we finally have a sense that the at times frantic focus to get...[mehr]


Equipment – Our top priority right now!

It may seem that we could re-use most of our equipment from our first attempt in 2008. Unfortunately this is not the case. Everything from clothing to sleeping bags to our tents is different. Either we needed to make...[mehr]


Kite Surfing in Mauritius

We came here to Mauritius for almost two weeks of kite surfing. As far as preparations for polar expeditions go, this may sound a little strange – but for us it is an essential step. With the help of a seasoned kite instructor we...[mehr]


Kite training in Hardangervidda/Norway

Since the snow has vanished here in Germany, we are promptly relocating our kite training to Norway. We are now on Hardangervidda mountain plateau, which is also known as “Little Antarctica”. We have recruited Klemet Store, a...[mehr]

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