11.11.2011 23:00

Day 2 - Sastrugi Fields

We awoke to some strong winds, rattling the tent just before 6am. As we were getting the 10m2 kites ready, the winds started to die.

We waited for a bit and then packed up the kites only to find that the wind returned. we then decided on the 15m2 kites. Just as Dieter was getting ready to hook in, a sudden windgust ripped the kite off its safety stake and blew it off. Armin tried to chase after it but to no avail. Now Antarctica has one more kite and we have one less. We will manage ok without it and interestingly, neither of us is upset or worried about it.

We did launch the 10m2 right after but the wind was pushing us too far off course. We ended up having to stop kiting also because we were inmidst a sastrugi field with the biggest sastrugues we have seen so far. We could not create traction as we were flying more than skiing.

The rest of the day we spent summoning every last power we had to find our way out of the massive sastrugis. At one point it was so difficult, it took us 1 hour for about 100m!!

We left the sleds at one point and scouted a route out of the icy canyons. We did manage to get out by going off course a bit. Our distance was actually more than 5km but the straight line between yesterdays camp and today is 5km.....

Our tent is at the edge of the massive sastrugi field. We are enjoying the warm sun on the tent and the fact that today showed us that we had more strength and determination within us than each of us believed possible.

Looks like tomorrow will be manhauling as the wind from SSE is not helping us.

Distance: 5 km
Elevation: 696m

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