16.11.2011 18:56

Day 7 - The Journey Back!

After having made our decision yesterday, we enjoyed a peaceful sleep and feel very calm inside. For us, this is confirmation that it was the right time to make a decision and that we made the right decision.

Also, the weather is cooperating and the Basler is on it's way right now from the British station Halley. The plane will be here at 12:45 UTC, which is in just under two hours.

In Novo, the Ilyushin will be held for us so we can head straight back from Antarctica to Cape Town without any delay. Planned departure from Novo is 16:00 UTC and estimated arrival time in Cape Town is 22:00 UTC. The following evening we will already be boarding a Lufthansa flight from Cape Town to Frankfurt, Germany!

Given where exactly on the planet we currently find ourselves, it is hard to fathom that in less than 48 hours we will be back in Reutlingen, Germany.

Our heartfelt gratitutude and praises go out to the amazing people of SANAE IV station under the stellar leadership of station leader Paul Lee. Every single one of these 11 people has gone over and beyond to make our stay here comfortable, memorable and one of a kind! We arrived as strangers - learned a lot about life on a completely isolated  polar station, the spirit that unites human beings at our core -  and are leaving as friends! THANK YOU!!

Our heartfelt thanks also go our to our support team. Without the dedication and effort of each of them, none of this would have been possible! You guys are the best!

Now we got get moving and pack so we are ready for our pick-up!

Armin and Dieter

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